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Is it normal to be selfish about music? Like there’s this band I love and the other day I showed it to my family but instantly regreted it because they were humming the song all day and night. Like, no, don’t sing that, don’t listen that, don’t watch that, they’re mine. Only I can sing them, period.

07 6 / 2014

Me cleaning my room:

Hey here’s my old sock.
Hey my lost pair of pants.
Hey my old sword.
Hey the Titanic boat.
Hey Julius Cesar.
Hey a piece of Antartica.

28 5 / 2014

Life, a bitch right? Well let me change your mind a bit, have you ever thought of life as the only one who stands up beside you? Have you ever thought that she never abandons you? Yeah, she might be a little bitch but how can she not be when you mistreat her, blame her and hate her? She’s hurt. And she might even “hurt” you too, but it just her getting her payback. You keep making mistakes again and again and then you blame life, while she doesn’t have anything to do with this. She adores you, loves you, respects you; she’s always there for you. In the bad times and in the good times, there’s not a time where she wasn’t with you. Although, she will not be there for you because there is this time, this only time, when she is taken away from you. Perhaps by a man, by a disease such as cancer, by time and even by yourself. But while that time is waiting to occur, you should enjoy life. You should adore it, you should love it. The only way to prove it is if you stop blaming her, it’s not her fault your hurting; stop crying, it hurts her seeing you like that; stop with all the anger, there’s so much things worth laughing. Go out, live and enjoy! Life is only here for a certain amount of time, enjoy it while it’s still here. Be grateful, you have food, shelter, family and people who love you even if you don’t think they do. Look at me, I don’t even know you yet I wrote all of this for you, because I love you too. I don’t want you to be broken, pull your pieces together and start laughing. Oh he broke your heart? She broke your heart? Screw him, he just lost a princess. Screw her, she just lost a piece of gold. Laugh like you’ve never been hurt, life passes by and we don’t even notice. Go on and hug somebody, make them feel loved because everyone seeks love but some of them are afraid of finding it and then lose it. You, my dear friend, are beyond any diamond the world has to find, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So stop the crying, stop the bleeding, stop the cuts, life is here for you and she’s waiting for you to notice.
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Aww, ojala mi novio algun dia me diga eso

Aww, ojala mi novio algun dia me diga eso

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Si el día de mi boda no reacciono de la misma manera de esos hombres por favor detengan la boda. 


mas vale que mi esposo reaccione asi o lo dejo con el traje ahi y me voy.

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Finishing reading this step-by-step guide while you wait for inspiration to strike.

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no i’m not gonna lend you my pencil because if i lend you my pencil then you’ll want my calculator and then you’ll want austria and czechoslovakia and then you’ll end up invading poland and i will not have that shit

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Actually this will caught the attention

Actually this will caught the attention

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